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Hey there!

my name is Helene and I helping sensitive and heart-centred people on their mission to making a world a better place without putting themselves last! 


Body Mind Coach

Massage therapist

Former Professional Figure Skater

Yoga studies (140 YTT)

Astrology Student

Tarot readings

Student of life

Striving for Perfection!

Yup that's me! At the age seven my parents put me in figure skating lessons where I excelled to competing at the national level as a teenage. Figure skating was my passion, my art form and my escape as academically I had a really hard time in school. I put a lot of my self worth and identity into the artform. 

The sport calls for gracefulness and actually takes a lot of hard work to look effortless. Not only does it take a lot of discipline, blood, sweat and tears, but the sport is very subjective to the ecstatic. This set me up for success when pursuing my dream of skating with Disney on ice.


The healing journey began

My goal is to help you achieve your best life and optimize your health and wellbeing by helping you remember that YOUR body is powerful, and CAN heal itself! Your body has all the answers you’ve been looking for. Let’s get curious and learn from what the inner wisdom of your body has to say to give you the results you deserve and desire!  


Where is have brought me today

My journey began in 2013 where I graduated from the Massage therapy program at Algonquin College. I then expanded my practice with courses and certifications such as craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, specializing in TMJ relief, reiki level’s 1 & 2, yoga teacher (140-YTT), and continues to learn with courses in neuroplasticity, Astrology, motivational interviewing, active listening, and Body Mind Coaching. 

Are you ready to say Yes to a greater and healthier life!?!


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